Research Projects

1.     Effects of Maternal Exposure to Ionizing Radiation and Non- Ionizing Radiationin Pregnancy on Reduces Birth Weight and They Need a Referral for Phototherapy

2.     Survey of the effects of microwave radiation exposure emitted by a common mobilejammer on sperm motility

3.     Optimization of the Efficacy of CoolClot by Decreasing the Bleeding Time, BloodLoss and Accelerating Wound Healing after Life Threatening Arterial bleeding

4.     Effects of Short-Term Exposure to Radiation from GSM Mobile Phones on theHormone Insulin from the Pancreas Gland in Female Rats

5.     ReManufacturing and evaluation of Alzahrawis instruments in dry cupping

6.     Effect of short-term exposure to electromagnetic fields emitted by GSM mobilephone on reaction time in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences

7.     Neurological Effects of Microwave Radiation Emitted by GSM Mobile Phones onShort Term Memory and Information Processing in High School Students who UseThese Phones

8.     The effect of mobile phone use on reaction time and numeric working memory inchildren aged 8 -10.

9.     Optimization of Design and production process of FAX Gel dosimetry anddetermination of its applications in 3D dosimetry.

10. Dental Mercury Absorption from Wastewater by Nano clay in Order to Prevent theBiological Effects of Mercury on Living Organisms.

11. The effects of Microwave Radiation Emitted by GSM Mobile Phones on the balanceof oxidant/antioxidant in Cornea and Lens of Male Rats

12. Hematologic and Immunologic alterations in Interventional Radiologists andCardiologists who Perform Coronary Angiography Procedures

13. Survey of the Bioeffects of Ultrasound Exposure on the Gram Positive andNegative Bacteria at Different Irradiation Protocols

14. Review in light of verses and hadith and accepted definitions of these conceptsin physics

15. Survey of radioactive material adsorbtion by Dunaliella salina algae

16. The Haemostatic Effect of CoolClot, A Novel Agent for ControllingLife-Threatening Arterial Bleedings

Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Research Center, Paramedical Sciences School, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran